Wheels and Tyres for Fiat 500s – An overview

For the whole production of the Fiat 500 saloon from 1957 to 1975 the wheel and tyre size remained the same:

125 x 12inch x 3.5inch (125mm tyre width, 12 inch wheel diameter and 3.5 inch rim inside width)

There was as a change in tyre quality from Cross ply to Radial in 1964.



Wheel designs varied across the different model configurations, the most common ones are as below:-

Fiat_Nuova_500_prima_serieThe ‘N’ wheel was a pressed steel wheel with a welded cap in the centre, without any aluminium hub caps.

2_fiat-nuova-500-trasformabilThe ‘D’ wheel was again a pressed steel wheel with slight raised dome in the centre to take the aluminium hub cap.

FIAT-NUOVA-500-F-big-1431255313The ‘F’ and ‘L’ wheel had the centre hub of the wheel removed, with just a bar to locate the hub cap. The early F’s had aluminium hub caps and the late F’s and all L’s had stainless steel hub caps.

fiat-500r_20008The ‘R’ model (a model that was never imported into the UK by Fiat and was only made in LHD), was fitted with a pressed steel galvanised wheel of a different design. It did not have hub caps, but did have a Fiat logo in the centre of the raised dome. The design looked just like the very early 126 (chrome bumper model) wheel, but was of the standard rim size of 3.5 inch and not the 4.0 inch that the 126 car had.

 Notes for interest

  1. All Fiat 500 models had the wide brake drum stud pattern
  2. The later model 126 (652cc version) wheel and tyre size is 135 x 12inch x 4inch width. The 126 wheel bolt gap of 98mm, compared with 190mm of the 500. These wheels do NOT fit directly onto the 500
  3. Many people fit other ‘non-standard’ wheels, often with differing tyre sizes but it should be remembered that in the front wheel arch of a 500 ‘D’, ‘F’ and ‘L’ there is a lip and oversize wheels or tyres can cause the tyre to rub
  4. 135 x 12 is the most common alternative tyre to the 125 x 12 and is often more readily available and cheaper