Visit to Somerset – NMCR

Having been before and found these very interesting Janet and I decided to attend this year’s National Micro Car Rally (NMCR) being held in Somerset.

It was also convenient for accommodation as my sister and husband live near Ilminster which is 10 miles away from the event, which was being held at Steps Farm in the small village of North Newton.

The definition of a micro car is a vehicle with an engine size up to 700cc and no more than 3 cylinders so Fiat 500’s are eligible. Having previously been in one of our 500’s we decided to go in our 1964 Fiat Neckar Weinsberg which is a rare derivative of a 500. The event was well attended with micro cars coming from all over England and even France and Holland.

This being a 4-day event we decided to only go on Saturday, which was a run out day and Sunday which was a static display.

The cars were arranged in various categories and makes.  We were put in the metal category. The 500’s had their own class as did the Messerschmitts, Isettas, Bonds, Trabants, Reliants, Trojans etc.

There was also a plastic class as a lot of Micro cars are made of fibre-glass and other materials. We spent an enjoyable Sunday out on the site catching up with friends we have met over the years.

In the late afternoon the awards were announced and our car was awarded the best metal unusual Micro car and also the last award of Best in Show (People’s choice).

So altogether a most enjoyable event.

                                                                           Roger & Janet Westcott