To Bicester or Not to Bicester, that is the question!

I really wish I was a natural early starter, my 6am journey to Bicester was most enjoyable with mist lying low in the fields and a glowing sunrise.  I arrived on time to meet up with 6 others, to be greeted with “Tinker shouldn’t be here, it’s no dogs”.  I didn’t want to go home so we just hoped no-one would notice her!  We did well till around lunch time, when I was approached by Security saying she had had to report me to her Manager who was on his way over, and thought it a rubbish rule.  Said Manager arrived, also agreeing it was a rubbish rule but had had to report me to the Event Organiser and could I “do anything with her tomorrow”, but no I could not as I was in a hotel overnight.  Tinker then spent the day either in the marquee with me or if I went for a wander she was in the car, which has plenty of air holes as we know too well, however like the owner she is happy to do nothing all day so was content.

The event was not very busy on Friday, which was just as well as we had to pay particular attention to the marquee and tent to ensure they did not blow away, but the sun was shining down on us and it was lovely to sit and chat.  Although it was not busy we still had plenty of interest, some joiners and 1000’s of smiles.  A photographer took a shine to Tinker who was watching him out of the window, and he wanted to take some photos of her and the car, it turned out he was from The Telegraph, now as gorgeous and cute as she is, even I did not think she would match up to the immaculate vintage Rolls or tip-top Mustangs etc to make publication

We were told we could leave around 5, so with some trepidation that I may not be allowed back in the next day, I said my goodbyes and went in search of my Hotel – which was a pub 😊.  Being a rather frugal, some say mean, Midlander I found the beer rather pricey so, after a pie and a pint, went for a wander through Bicester centre but not much was happening so I squeezed back into my miniature bedroom and watched TV with a bottle of beer I had with me.

The next morning, I went to the show early to try to sneak in without Security but they beat me, and were more concerned that I did not have a Smart phone for Track and Trace so in I drove, dog and all.  We had just re-erected the tent and marquee when Security came around again and I was frog marched off to the Organisers tent – I was tempted to take Tinker for the walk but thought that may not be the best idea!  Anyway, I explained again and the organiser agreed it was a rubbish rule and said she would allow me to stay, I thought it was more of a case of easier to hide the dog that do a Health & Safety Risk Assessment allowing me to leave a busy public event!

I could not believe it when Tinker and Speedy took over a third of Page 2 in the Sunday Telegraph, and just hoped the public and Event Organiser did not see it till Monday!  The picture above was one the photographer did not use, but I think is brilliant – “if you don’t want me here, I’ll just leave”

                                                                                           Felicity Greenfield