Three in a Row!

I think this is the first time I can remember going to three events one after the other.

My first outing was to the Italian Auto Moto Festival situated in Bristol’s Old City Area.Bristol event 3 in a row

A Lancia Aurelia Coupe

A great event to go to if you like Italian vehicles of all shapes and sizes (and prices) everything from the Vespa and Fiat 500 up to high end priced stuff like Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini.

Another plus is you get to park in the centre of Bristol on the street for free (if you forget the entry fee that is) and it’s right by the historic St Nicholas market with all the interesting stalls that has to offer. I’d travelled down with Lis and she was quite happy with the arrangement of cars, some shops, cars, some shops etc. etc. the fact it was a lovely sunny day helped enormously as it can get a bit draughty in the narrow streets.

This nicely brings me onto my second event which was the Donnington Historic Festival, we had club parking on the infield and permission to put up our gazebo. We had what should have been a perfect spot right near the big grassy bank overlooking Craner Curves and within easy reach of some catering stalls. I had visions of lying on the grass with an ice cream watching the historic racers screeching past below me, perfect!

The weather had different ideas, it was horrible. Windy, drizzly and freezing. The first consensus was to leave the gazebo in the car as we had visions of it turning into the club kite. The second for the Westcotts and the Scanes was to treat themselves to warm hats and gloves which a canny stallholder was doing a good deal on, he’d obviously been to the Donnington event before and spotted a nice little business opportunity.

Donington event 3 in a rowDonnington Parking

The six cars all bailed out early afternoon to head off for our nice warm houses, I’d been stood for an hour in a holding car park so I could have a go in the club parade around the track and I was frozen to the marrow so the first thing I did on getting home was dive in a hot shower.

The subject of temperature brings me to my third event which was the Middle Barton Garage Visit.

I didn’t count but I estimate there was around twenty five visitors on the day. On arrival we were offered a drink and biscuits and given a while to browse round the premises on our own (in the heat and the sunshine) before Tony Castle-Miller, the boss of MBG gave us talk on the history of the business and a guided tour of the workshops, filling in the detail of the machines we’d all been drooling over and answering any questions asked while we were going round. A few spares were bought and the garage had an un-booked job come in, in the shape of Nick Richardson’s car that had developed a horrendous oil leak on the way down from Nottingham and he made the executive decision to leave it with the experts to sort out and blag a lift back with me as I only live twenty minutes down the A52 from him.

MBG event 3 in a rowMiddle Barton Garage

I’d like to thank Tony’s wife and team who while Tony was dispensing his knowledge they were dispensing burgers, bacon and sausages from the Barbie.

So, three events. Sun, Rain, Sun. I think I’ll be taking my brolly with me to Prescott Hill Climb just in case there’s a pattern emerging here.

Tom Hodgkin