Chassis numbers: Fiat 500 and Giardiniera 1957-1977

Fiat 500 chassis numbers per Manufacturing Year YEAR Model Factory From to Total 1957 New 500 (Normal) Fiat Mirafiori -Turin 000101 28538 28,438 1958 New 500 (Normal, Sport) Fiat Mirafiori -Turin 028539 51383 22,845 1959 New 500 (Sunroof, Sport) Fiat Mirafiori -Turin 051384 117657 66,274 1960 New 500 (Sunroof, Sport) Fiat Mirafiori -Turin 117658 181137 63,480 1960 500 D Fiat Mirafiori -Turin 182001 202091 20,091 1961 500 D Fiat Mirafiori -Turin 202092 288933 86,842 1962 500 D Fiat Mirafiori -Turin 288934 421569 132,636 1963 500 D Fiat Mirafiori -Turin 421570 607204 185,635 1964, 500 D Fiat Mirafiori -Turin 607205 800834 … Continue reading Chassis numbers: Fiat 500 and Giardiniera 1957-1977

Filtering out the noises

When I was assembling my Fiat from its thousands of bits I took great care to include as many of the original parts as I could. This included the air box parts around the fan on the engine. I have a pretend 500 engine using a few important 126 parts but making it look like a 499cc proper engine so I made sure I used the original engine outer parts to make it look right. Little did I know about a design fault lurking within the air filter cover. I knew that the 126 engine part had three clips and … Continue reading Filtering out the noises

Our boot won’t open!

We like our Twin Air 500 a lot, and I mean, a lot. It’s the second we’ve had, with 55,000 miles over 4 years, and our previous Diesel, ordered before the launch, covered over 70,000 miles in 4 years without too many problems (if you exclude a new engine). We drive it every day into London, and it’s subjected to speed humps, parking bumps etc…. But last November we noticed something very strange. The rear window and mirrors didn’t demist, and then the the boot wouldn’t open. A quick google revealed quite a number of owners of cars over 2 years old were … Continue reading Our boot won’t open!

Fiat 500 recall information

Fiat 500 recall information Recently we came across the following information on the AA website regarding recalls on Fiat 500 and associated models, which it has received from the manufacturer and from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. You can access this here. Of course, if you are the registered keeper of the vehicle in the UK, you should receive notification in the post, or at the time of the next service depending on the nature of the recall etc… but if you are not getting the car serviced anymore, or you have moved and not informed DVLA, then … Continue reading Fiat 500 recall information