Checking and adjusting the Fan Drive Belt

Check the belt tension. When the belt is correctly tensioned it should be possible to depress the belt 10mm at point ‘C’ (centre between the two pulleys) by applying a 10Kg load. (firm push) If it is more than 10mm the belt could be slipping causing the dynamo or alternator not to work effectively. If it is too tight, that entire extra load is put onto the bearings, which will gradually ruin the bearings. To adjust the tension, proceed as follows: Remove the three 10mm nuts (D). Withdraw the outer pulley half. Note. If the belt has any wear or … Continue reading Checking and adjusting the Fan Drive Belt

Gear linkage adjustment

Sometimes when fitting a replacement gearbox you may find that not all the gears are easily selected OR the car jumps out of a gear. The following is a simple way of adjusting the gearlever to gearbox geometry: Assuming the engine and gearbox are fully fitted and all connection points fully secure particularly those pertaining to the gearbox. e.g. The flexible link between gearbox and gear-lever connecting rods should be tightened with a Little play. Ensuring the thin “springy” washer is in the correct place next to the Collar washer. A little movement is needed on both the bolts. The … Continue reading Gear linkage adjustment