Silverstone Classic July 2017

The Silverstone Classic, was an event that so tickled the imagination, that we had one of best turn outs for a CinqueCento event, for quite a while.  I am reliably informed, that were 33 in attendance on the Saturday!  Now that’s pretty fantastic don’t you think?

Many clubs were celebrating their own particular anniversaries, however, the Fiat 500 Club UK was celebrating its 25th anniversary, and the Fiat 500 itself, was celebrating its 60th anniversary, since it’s inception in 1957!  Buon Compleanno!!

On behalf of the club, the whole three days were extremely well organised and managed by our club events organiser, Tom Hodgkin, who seemed to immerse himself in the role, quite seamlessly.

Over the three days we were able to visit many, many locations on this huge site, either on foot, or by Routemaster bus, and there was ‘tent’ village, where there was all manner of motoring paraphernalia for sale, even very beautiful expensive motor cars.

You could also visit the pit stop area, see the mechanics at work preparing cars for the days racing.

However, the most important day for us was Saturday, as we were given the opportunity to drive our CinqueCento’s on the track!  And what a delight it was for all those that took the opportunity to do so!  Honking their horns, and waving to the crowds!  Fantastic!  Absolutely Fantastic!

The next day, when I was taking a bus ride around the outer perimeter, I overheard a couple of racing enthusiasts, who said that they came each year, that, that was one of the most fun events that they had ever seen.  A better compliment could not have paid to us as a club, had they known that I was one of the drivers.

This was an opportunity not to be missed, and probably won’t be repeated for many, many years, if at all.

Mille Grazie and many, many thanks Tom for a most successful weekend.

                                                                                                     Gino Mansi
Enthusiastic & Proud Classic Fiat 500 Owner