Hooray! The 104bhp Twin Air arrives

So, it’s arriving in April 2014. 104bhp instead of 84bhp, and with a sporty upmarket Cult interior trim, this is the car that we were promised over 2 years ago, but never turned up.

Fiat 500 Twin Air 104 bhp (Autocar)
Fiat 104bhp Twin Air (Photo courtesy Autocar 2014)

Pity, because, due to the Congestion Charge changes in London, it’s no longer a relevant car to anyone who commutes into London.

Some interior changes, including a great upgrade to the instrument panel with the introduction of a TFT screen, what’s not to like.

For younger drivers who crave a very sparky 500, as Autocar suggests in their excellent online review, this is a £700 cheaper option than the base level Abarth, and if the lower powered but still entertaining 84bhp Twin Air is anything to go by, those 20 extras horses will be very entertaining indeed.

For the full review in Autocar, click here.