Gear linkage adjustment

Sometimes when fitting a replacement gearbox you may find that not all the gears are easily selected OR the car jumps out of a gear.

The following is a simple way of adjusting the gearlever to gearbox geometry:

Assuming the engine and gearbox are fully fitted and all connection points fully secure particularly those pertaining to the gearbox. e.g.

  1. The flexible link between gearbox and gear-lever connecting rods should be tightened with a Little play. Ensuring the thin “springy” washer is in the correct place next to the Collar washer. A little movement is needed on both the bolts.
  2. The rubber in the Flex link is not soft and is fully intact and with only a LITTLE movement when twisted by hand.

As a general rule a correctly aligned gear-lever will be near vertical in the neutral postion.

With the engine and gearbox now fully in place.

Working inside the car try and engage each gear, then move 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 fairly quickly. Finally try reverse. If all gears engage then next step is a short road test.

IF NOT i.e. ALL gears not engaging properly then:-

  1. Then slacken off the gear stick support screws (13mm spanner) which are situated behind the rubber/carpet on driver’s side of the tunnel, just to the RHS of the gear lever. Slacken the screws just a little to allow the gear-lever housing to move but with some difficulty.
  2. Holding the gear stick in the normal driving position move the gear lever quickly forward back 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 a few times. Note the assembly will move a small amount as the lever is pushed-pulled. Make sure that you have good FULL movement on the lever, which should move the assembly only a very small amount!! 1mm ish!!!. (If it moves a lot then you have slackened the screws too much.
  3. Gently nip the screws tight and gently try all the gears, including reverse, (9 times out of ten this simple trick will align the lever to gearbox)
  4. Check the alignment once again and fully tighten the screws etc. .
  5. Final step is a short road test.

 Remember: The gearlever assembly movement will only be a very small amount and 1mm is a LOT. So if you have to Fine Tune the adjustment, then move it forward/backward a tiny amount (<1mm) in between testing