Fridge Fiat Front

The Smeg500

Spotted by member Quentin Howell, in a showroom in Regents Street, London, these are actually fridges!!

The Smeg500 is the result of years of hard work between SMEG and FIAT when they merged to create an extraordinary new item for the ‘Fiat 500 Design Collection’.

This quirky item is a fully functioning fridge that has been handmade with genuine original Fiat 500 parts (It even has fully working headlights!). You will find 100litres of storage under the bonnet and it is accessed by two sliding doors. It is A+ rated and has an automatic defrost function.

On enquiring about the price, Quentin was told that they were £8000 each and he comments “Making them almost as expensive as the cars, perhaps even more than some 500’s”

He has decided the that real thing in his garage is better but……

“Not even sure if they are much more use than a big boy’s toy for a beer fridge!!”

                                                                         Quentin Howell