Fiat 500 Club featured in Channel 5 series

For those of you who missed the programme earlier this week, the Fiat 500 Club UK were featured in Episode 2 of the Channel 5 programme on car restoration ‘Classic Car Rescue’.

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You can catch the programme here.

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To quote from the Channel 5 website: “

Italy’s answer to the Mini, the Fiat 500 was a cheap, practical and fuel-efficient town car. Launched in July 1957, the car proved so popular that over four million of them hit the road in 18 years of manufacture. Despite a passionate band of followers, original Fiat 500s are now in short supply in the UK. This makes the car ripe for rescue by Bernie and Mario and should make them a handsome profit.

The rescue brings out the best and worst in the whole team right from the very beginning, when Bernie puts Mario’s nose out of joint by spending £1,500 on a bright orange wreck that will not even start! Having won that round, Bernie’s spending splurges do not stop. Once he has succeeded in starting the engine, he shells out another £2,000 behind Mario’s back just to coax an extra six brake horsepower out of the 500cc engine. Bernie is unrepentant but Mario is livid, especially as this was a third of the entire budget!

As the Fiat is slowly transformed from an orange wreck to an ivory stunner, the rest of team fall in love with the tiny Italian classic, but the proof of the pudding is its assessment and road test by former racing driver Paul O’Neil. Will the team’s efforts and Bernie’s extra brake horsepower be the difference between a profit and a loss?”

There’s a great piece of additional information in a ‘clip’ from the programme showing a couple of Abarths, and scenes not shown in the transmitted programme. You can catch it here.