Chairman’s Weekend – 13th & 14th August 2016

chairmans-weekend-pic4Those who now know me, know I am not yet feeling the love the 500’s, but if I did not embrace the events I would be home alone and have to hear about people I don’t know, so off to the Chairman’s Weekend we went. Yes, it was fun (not the 500 bit) and yes, I understand the owners’ passion and thrill when they see a hoard of the titchy, noisy, slippery seated vehicles all together.chairmans-weekend-pic1

Up early to drive to Rod’s, the Chairman’s house (which is lovely by the way), a good journey with Stephen Fry, gently giving directions, saw us to the door (Sat Nav not the Stephen!) As ever I was eager to get out to meet and greet, I believe we were last to arrive so lots of hellos were in order. The journey is soon put behind me as I just love the social side – I tried to have a sneaky look inside but only got as far as the hall and decided it was not a good idea on my own.

All too soon we were kitted out with Walkie-Talkies and the 8 of us were off to Rockingham Cars for a coffee, and those who wanted could ogle over the slightly larger, slightly more technical Fiats. Just enjoying the sun and chats when we were off again – at least we could have the roof down feeling the warm air through my hair. Arriving at Barnwell Park, via some delightful villages. We did have a little break on route due to a major breakdown, sorry for Tom but at least it meant an unplanned escape from the 500.

chairmans-weekend-pic3A fantastic afternoon – we joined Laura, Joy and Zeta on the Treasure Trail. That was fun, a lovely walk through Oundle, avoiding shoe and cook shops, then back to the park for a picnic lunch and more socialising.

chairmans-weekend-pic2Boo – back in the car, but not for long till we got to Olivers at Kimbolton for afternoon tea. The club was a bit late but they happily stayed open and directed us to a suitable group parking place. We joined other members outside and sadly I didn’t get to try any home-made cake but they all looked very tasty. We were then escorted by Rod to our hotel for a freshen-up before being collected for the pre-booked meal at The Woolpack. Judging by the chatter and joviality, this was enjoyed by all. The bad news being that we only came 2nd on the treasure trail, but no hard feelings and I wore my medal emblazoned around my neck the next day.

Rather a restless night’s sleep, the background talking and doors banging was just loud enough to keep me awake for a while and then again in the early morning, but never mind the stay over was more relaxing and prevented us from having a journey home and back again for tomorrow meet.

Breakfast was at Rod’s, more of my favourite socialising. Amazingly even more 500’s, 3 chaps I met at a Loughborough event joined in, so I was able to have a catch up with them. Walkie-Talkies at the ready and I was quite overcome by the sound of 11 500’s all starting up at the same time. Another hair-sweeping journey but only one today – to Stanwick Lakes. There was rather a lot of jostling of cars to get into the correct colour order, then we were all settled for the day. After a stroll around the lakes we just lounged around till late afternoon, very comfortable and chatty.

My mistress and I had a fantastic weekend. We came home via the Motorway for the first time but, because my mistress didn’t try to use my nose as a gear stick and I had spent most of the night guarding the bedroom, I knew nothing about it – I slept like a dog (sorry log) all the way home, dreaming of being the Club Mascot.

“Tinker”, belonging to Felicity