At last!

The day we had all been looking forward to……. the chance to drive our cars and go to an event!! The ‘Clear your mind drive and pizza’ at the Sharnbrook Hotel.

We all met at a car park near Great Denham and each parked 2m apart. Lovely to see everyone but still strange to have to keep our distance to chat.      

One person who was originally booked to attend was Felicity (& Tinker, her dog) but due to further lockdown measures in Leicester, she was not allowed to leave the city!!

A lovely scenic drive (thanks to Amy for planning this) through some very picturesque villages, great to be back in convoy – 9 classic 500’s and 1 new model.

Arriving at Sharnbrook we were marshalled into place by our host Ciro and then we had more time to catch up with people.         

Pre-ordered and pre-paid pizza and soft drinks were then delivered to us and we sat at socially distanced picnic tables – the most enjoyable Al fresco dining experience.

All too soon it was time to leave but everyone certainly enjoyed themselves. Thank you to Ciro for suggesting the event for car clubs and to Laura for organising our get together. Let’s hope there will be some more events to attend before the end of the year.

Christine Anderson