About the Club

The Fiat 500 club was formed in 1992 due to an increased interest in the Nuova 500 and its derivatives, and the lack of a dedicated body to co-ordinate events and put owners and enthusiasts in touch with one another. In its first year the club attracted almost 300 members and new members join weekly. The Club is now a Limited Company, “Fiat 500 Club Limited”.

A bi-monthly magazine 500 News, is published, which reports on club events, offers technical advice from members, has a “For Sale & Wanted” section and includes, of course, many, often humorous articles about the trials, tribulations and joys of 500 ownership.

An example of the Fiat 500 Club UK magazine, issued 6 times a year

Club Shop

A wide range of Club regalia is available through the Club Shop, from keyrings, notebooks, posters & pens to mugs, sweatshirts, greetings cards & stamps – and much more, to suit all budgets, all sporting the distinctive Club logo.


The club’s comprehensive Events Calendar, with meetings spread throughout the country, and even abroad, enables members to attend an event local to them.  


The Club provides a range of support services to its members to ensure you and your 500 have many years happy motoring:

  • Free technical advice from our experts
  • Advice in buying or selling a 500

Club rules are available from the Club Secretary

We can also assist with authenticating Fiat 500 details for the DVLA e.g. year of manufacture. However, please note that Fiat as the manufacturer provide a service, via their Heritage website to issue the necessary certificate, for which there is a charge. You need to to the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Heritage web site and complete the online form including chassis number and Fiat will issue a certificate of origin.

If for any reason the DVLA do not accept the heritage centre issued Certificate of origin please contact Fiat UK on ukcocrequests@fcagroup.com who will be able to help you. Please include your name, full address and contact phone number. Also provide as much detail about your difficulty so they can assist you promptly. DO NOT contact Fiat UK without having obtained a Heritage certificate in the first instance.