Regent Street Motor Show

After purchasing my shiny red 1973 500L in October I decided it would be wise to join the Fiat 500 Club UK to make the most of owning my precious gem of a car. Much to my surprise within a week of joining Gino Mansi phoned me to enquire if I would be interested in attending with the Regent Street Motor Show with my car. After researching the event on the internet, I realised this was a big deal. The whole of Regent Street, one of the most prestigious shopping streets in London, would be closed to traffic on Saturday 4th November creating the UK’s largest free motor show, how should I refuse? Gino kindly arranged my participant’s vehicle pass with the organiser, which as the deadline loomed arrived less than 24 hours before the start time, causing a degree of anxiety waiting for it.

Although I only live 7 miles from the glittering West End in Forest Hill this would be the longest drive I had undertaken in the car. Driving into central London can be pretty daunting at the best of times let alone in a car built in 1972. Rising early on a wet Saturday morning, my husband Paul, Cooper our little dog and I bundled into the car and commenced the drive to Regent Street. Arriving too early for the allotted entry time of 9:25 I parked up close by and waited, not long after I spotted a number of Fiat 500 in convoy emerging from a side road. I pulled up the starter lever and joined the others as they filtered into the entrance area at Piccadilly Circus. After a short wait for our designated area to become accessible each of the cars were marshalled into position creating a colourful and charming line up of twelve beautiful classic Fiat 500s. Even the rain did little to diminish the eye catching jewel like quality of the cars colours. None of this was lost on the people admiring the cohort with hundreds of photos taken throughout the day and raising lots of smiles and joyous expressions. With such positive reactions from the general public, tourists and motor enthusiasts I considered if this is what owning a classic Fiat 500 generated from people then I joined the right club.

The Fiat 500 Club UK had been specially invited by the organisers to celebrate the model’s 60th anniversary and it was the perfect showcase as the year draws to a close. The Talbot Owners group was the other car club invited, and was joined along the concourse with a large number of historic vehicles many of which would be participating in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run the following morning. The event’s official free programme devoted a full page to the Fiat 500 Club UK and in so doing assisted in spreading the word about the organisation.

Along with experiencing the pleasure our little cars were giving the throngs of passers-by, it was the perfect opportunity for me to meet members of the club. They are a welcoming bunch and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting and bonding over our shared passion. I enjoyed hearing potted histories of ownership and other club happenings. Credit must be given to Felicity who at 4pm had the task of driving her delightful yellow 500L back to Leicestershire in the dark and drizzle. I believe she had driven the furthest to attend and made my 7 mile bimble seem woefully inadequate.

As a brand new member I wanted to share my first club experience. It was a terrific day out and would urge any members who have yet to get involved in any of the club’s activities, to join in without further hesitation. You will receive a warm welcome and have a great time. Thanks again to Gino for inviting me.

Lisa Bardsley

Lost Love

I first saw XCD 690K, a down-at-heel white Fiat 500L with a flat tyre, one grey February day in 1985, sitting among other cheap run-arounds for sale at a local garage. That first glimpse was to be the beginning of a very special relationship.

Illness and self-employment don’t go well together. In the 1980’s, I’d had a long spell unable to work and was looking for an inexpensive form of transport. Paying the mortgage was more than the usual struggle, the family car had been sold and riding a motorbike in winter was unthinkable.

Two days later, after a bit of patching up, a new MoT and the expenditure of £180, I was initiated into the world of compact motoring. On the way home I more-or-less mastered the crash gearbox and, in time, came to understand the technique of driving a 499.5cc Fiat 500, employed by generations of Italians – that you keep the accelerator flat on the floor until death stares you in the face!

Over the next 20,000 miles and four years, XCD 690K was my sole transport, in and out of London, round the M25 and on the school run along the narrow, sunken lanes of the Surrey Hills. My daughter, now a sober adult with a family of her own, loved the little car. She named it ‘Tot’ and even started the ‘Tot Supporters Club’ with her friends.

Eventually, my health long restored, the Fiat and I parted company as roomier transport was needed for a family of teenagers. But, in the quarter of a century since, I’ve never forgotten the fun and adventure of 500 motoring.

Recently, a chance conversation with the DVLA revealed that XCD 690K still exists, but where? Apparently the car is not taxed or insured. Does anyone know of its whereabouts at present? I would love the chance to see my little friend again.

                                                        Denis Jones

December 2017 Newsletter

The Fiat 500 Club UK magazine for December 2017 is now available to members.

Contents: Through my eyes – The 2017 Lakeland Canter by the organiser, Dave Nicholson; Lost Love – the search for XCD690K; Regent Street Motor Show, 4/11/17; 500D Restoration Part 6 Garlenda and back.

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Silverstone Classic July 2017

The Silverstone Classic, was an event that so tickled the imagination, that we had one of best turn outs for a CinqueCento event, for quite a while.  I am reliably informed, that were 33 in attendance on the Saturday!  Now that’s pretty fantastic don’t you think?

Many clubs were celebrating their own particular anniversaries, however, the Fiat 500 Club UK was celebrating its 25th anniversary, and the Fiat 500 itself, was celebrating its 60th anniversary, since it’s inception in 1957!  Buon Compleanno!!

On behalf of the club, the whole three days were extremely well organised and managed by our club events organiser, Tom Hodgkin, who seemed to immerse himself in the role, quite seamlessly.

Over the three days we were able to visit many, many locations on this huge site, either on foot, or by Routemaster bus, and there was ‘tent’ village, where there was all manner of motoring paraphernalia for sale, even very beautiful expensive motor cars.

You could also visit the pit stop area, see the mechanics at work preparing cars for the days racing.

However, the most important day for us was Saturday, as we were given the opportunity to drive our CinqueCento’s on the track!  And what a delight it was for all those that took the opportunity to do so!  Honking their horns, and waving to the crowds!  Fantastic!  Absolutely Fantastic!

The next day, when I was taking a bus ride around the outer perimeter, I overheard a couple of racing enthusiasts, who said that they came each year, that, that was one of the most fun events that they had ever seen.  A better compliment could not have paid to us as a club, had they known that I was one of the drivers.

This was an opportunity not to be missed, and probably won’t be repeated for many, many years, if at all.

Mille Grazie and many, many thanks Tom for a most successful weekend.

                                                                                                     Gino Mansi
Enthusiastic & Proud Classic Fiat 500 Owner

October 2017 Newsletter

The Fiat 500 Club UK magazine for October 2017 is now available to members.

Contents: 60th Anniversary of the Fiat 500 – Silverstone Classics and Goodwood Revival; Lakeland and Scotland tour reports; My Fiat by Antony Pomelli; Mot report by Ade Long; Arran Banner news report.; Mauro and Amanda Lucrino wedding article

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It is barely a year since we became infected with the 500 bug and because our day outings with the club have been so enjoyable, we thought we should try a longer trip. What could be better than returning to North Wales, an area we knew well from our courting days, way back when.

Deciding to spread the journey to the Llanberis base over two days, we met with Chairman Rod, Sally and Zoe and enjoyed a route through Leamington Spa (excellent coffee stop at an Italian restaurant where, as ever, the staff were more interested in the cars than us), Warwick, Redditch, Bromsgrove, Kidderminster to Ludlow where we had an hour exploring this very pleasant town. A very pleasant town it may be but it has the odd not so pleasant person – our suitcase had been nicked from the rear rack when we returned to the cars, which necessitated some emergency underwear purchases!

Once reported to the police, we drove on to Affcot Lodge near Church Stretton to meet with some more members of the tour.

Day 2, and now we were six. We set off in grotty weather but on a delightful route through Shropshire and then, with the weather improving, into Wales through Machynlleth to Dolgellau. It was here that Florence developed a chronic misfire swiftly traced to a faulty condenser by the “Fiat Fiddlers”. Then followed a slightly anxious moment, whilst testing to see if the misfire had been cured by driving up and down a DIY store car park, the throttle stuck full on and I nearly ended up in the Customer Service department!

By now the weather was Mediterranean, Barmouth bridge and beach looked fantastic, so it was lunch with the donkeys…

…and a scenic run via Harlech to Llanberis to meet with the rest of the group at the picturesque Padarn Lake hotel.

In the evening, we met our hosts and organisers for the weekend, Keith and Sian who gave us a warm welcome and ran through the itinerary. Keith turned out to be a man of many parts, but more of that later….

Day 3 – the first day of the tour started with the incredible Electric Mountain. Dinorwig is an amazing pumped storage hydroelectric scheme constructed deep within the mountain. a visit to the slate museum followed and then a lovely drive to Caernarfon and through some glorious north Wales scenery. A compulsory tea stop followed at a dramatic venue high above the Llanberis valley with magnificent views of Snowdon.

Day 4 dawned and the first challenge was the climb over the Llanberis pass – which the 500s all managed in some style.

Our first destination was a copper mine – not for the claustrophobic! And then, what we had all been looking forward to, the highlight of the weekend, a visit to Portmeirion. This was the realisation of a dream by Sir Clough Willams-Ellis who designed and built it in the style of an Italian seaside village between 1925 and 1975.

Keith had managed to get permission for us to take the classic 500’s, three at a time, into the village (normally closed to traffic) for photos and general ogling by all the other visitors. What a fantastic experience for all!

Sadly, for some members who had to support the British economy, they had to head for home, whilst others stayed on for an extra day or two.

That evening our host Keith prepared a fantastic meal for us all – it turns out he is a much-accomplished professional chef, who after some encouragement, gave a demonstration of some of the tricks of his trade after supper. As well as being able to cook a pretty special meal, it just turns out that he is also world bog snorkelling champion (twice) and a cross channel relay swimmer – amongst many other things!

Day 5 and we awoke to wind and rain of biblical proportions, which meant that the one-way train trip up Snowdon that we had booked was in doubt – they told us they needed at least 30 people on board during high winds to keep it on the track! It was a considerable relief to find that it had been cancelled and plan B was a lower level walk to the local waterfall and around Padarn Lake. Steady rain throughout but of course, there is no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong clothing.

Day 6 dawned and we had to start the trip home but, as ever, this was via some dramatic scenery. Some very steep climbs onto the tops, around the beautiful Bala Lake and then on to Llangollen. Our overnight stop was in Bridgnorth, a very interesting place with a funicular railway to the upper town and some great restaurants.

The final day arrived and we said our farewells and enjoyed a trouble-free run back to Northamptonshire.

A very special thank you is due to Keith and Sian for their wonderful itineraries and hospitality, very much appreciated by all. We would also like to thank the whole group who made us most welcome on this, our first trip – we hope of many.

Steve & Mandy Edmonds

August 2017 Newsletter

The Fiat 500 Club UK magazine for August 2017 is now available to members.

Contents: Welsh Tour, June 2017 reports; Plymouth weekend, June 2017 reports; AGM Agenda

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The 25th Anniversary of the Fiat 500 Club UK is a fact!!

We, Tom and Lidwina Verduin as members from the beginning of the club, we did not want to miss this celebration for anything!!

So we booked the ferry from Hook of Holland to Harwich and left on Thursday May 4th for the day crossing. It was a surprise to meet some more Dutch Club members on the same ferry and when we arrived at Kettering it was great to be part of the 7 Dutch cars.

We had a great welcome at Wicksteed Park on Friday May 5th and it was so good to see you all!!

Some of us stayed on the campsite at Wicksteed Park. 2 couples (including us) in our camper vans, but there were also 3 tents. Sleeping in a tent at this time of year was rather a cold experience and for some of them it was the first time, but they were strong and survived!!

It was for Felicity and Tinker their very first experience with a tent!! So we helped her to sort it all out and made sure that the tent was put up safely. She did send us some photos afterwards with a special thank you for looking after her and Tinker and including them in our group. She especially enjoyed our “pre-loading” sessions (drink before going out) which we held in our camper van, which was also a good chance to get- and stay warm again!!

A buffet was organised on the Friday evening for those who booked this upfront and there we were able to catch up with most of the English Club members. The food was delicious!

Saturday was scheduled as the main day for the celebration and also a special day for me (Lidwina) as it was my birthday 

How fortunate can you be to celebrate two special occasions at one day!!

Unfortunately, it was a grey morning with a very cold wind and it drizzled. However, nothing could stop us and we started for a very nice tour, split into 4 parts, around the lovely country side.

At every stop, there was a nice welcome with food and drinks. The 1st stop was for coffee/tea and special biscuits at Rockingham Cars Fiat Dealership.

Another high light of this day was the 2nd stop for a lunch in “The Kings Head” Pub in the lovely little village Wadenhoe and the 3rd for tea and cake at the Stanwick Lakes where we had a small walk around the lake(s) as the weather had improved. We could also go for a bike ride, which some of us did.

In the evening – dinner and party!! The food was excellent and after dinner the DJ managed to get a lot of us on the dance floor!! We all had a very good time!!

The next morning we said goodbye to Wicksteed Park and went on our way to Ciro’s Sharnbrook Hotel. The weather was perfect for the barbecue later that day and after that the official closure of this great event took place.

At this occasion we finally were given the opportunity to hand over our present to the jubilee club !! It was good to see how much this was appreciated!!

From there we went to Harwich again. Some for the crossing on that same evening and some (including us) on the Monday.

It was lovely to see you all and we were so lucky that we could join you in your celebration! It was splendidly organized and we can speak for all the Dutch members when we say a big thank you for the great time we had with you!!

We hope it is not too long until we meet up again!! So take care and cheers!!

Guus & Marly Beliën, Frank Derksen & Yvonne van Raay, Jan en Marijke Hopman, Erik & Claudia Morgenrood, Evert & Truus Spukkelhorst, Syds Wiersma & Roelof Smit and Tom & Lidwina Verduin


The Fiat 500 Club UK magazine for June 2017 is now available to members.


25th Anniversary reports and photos; Stilton Cheese Run  23rd April 2017; Prescott Hill Climb  27th & 28th May 2017; 500D Restoration Part 4; Liege-Brescia-Liege Rally Info for 2018

Members can access this issue in the ‘members only’ Magazine section HERE but only if you are registered. If you are a member, but can’t get access you can register for your access code when you are asked for your username (at the bottom of the screen) – please have your valid Membership Number ready. Please note, we do check this before accepting registrations and it could take up to a week to get access approved.

Silverstone Classic Media Preview Day

It was fabulous to hear that the 2017 Silverstone Classic was adopting the 60th Anniversary of the Fiat 500 as a headline feature. It was even better that we were invited to take our cars to the Media Preview Day at Silverstone on 23rd March.

I duly applied and was accepted and then realised that as we had to be in the International Paddock at The Wing Building soon after 8am, it required a morning call of an ungodly hour for my good lady. There was however a small bonus, it was a revelation to her to find out that there were in fact, two 6 o’clocks in each day!

We duly set off at the crack of sparrows and as my better half doesn’t tend to achieve the power of speech for an hour or so after such an early rise, her navigation instructions were limited to one grunt for right turn, two for left.

Nevertheless, we seamlessly rendezvoused with Chairman Rod, First Lady Sally and First Lieutenant Zoe in a small selection of the Scanes’ ever expanding fleet.

We made it to the display area in the International Paddock on time and over the next half an hour a colour-coded collection of 12 immaculate 500’s assembled, coming from far and wide. Race tracks generally, and Silverstone in particular, can be the coldest places on earth when the wind blows and the old wartime airfield lived up to its reputation with sunny but Arctic conditions throughout the day necessitating frequent visits to the media centre to defrost.

There was, as you would expect, a selection of automotive exotica on display but, as ever, it was our group of cars that attracted the most attention whether it was from the multitude of professional photographers, marshalls, or celebrities (only some of which were recognisable) – everyone seemed to gravitate in our direction and want a photo.

The Press Conference itself was full of razzamatazz trumpeting the event and highlighting our anniversary amongst others. A very acceptable lunch followed as compensation for our being there (as long as you didn’t mind sitting amongst the journos and photographers with all their expensive equipment).

Next up was what we had all been waiting for – the Track Photography Session dedicated to photographing the car clubs being celebrated this year going around the famous track. We started our engines as instructed and proceeded through the garages into the famous pit lane. The sight of a dozen 500’s lined up in this iconic setting was irresistible to the bevy of high-viz clad professional photographers who swarmed around one side of us. On the other side, the drivers who’d been driving exhibition laps came out of their pits to admire the convoy and to talk to some of us.

Soon the Camera Car arrived – in this case a BMW X5 with the tailgate flung open and a photographer hanging out the back. We set off in formation around the famous tarmac with the photographer waving frantically for us to get closer to the Camera Car. Regrettably, nobody seemed to have briefed the driver who didn’t drop below 50mph all the way round creating quite a challenge for us to keep up!

Our brief moment of glory over, we returned to the pits for goodbyes until the next time and the journey home.

If you have been to the Silverstone Classic before, you will know how much fun it is. If you haven’t, then do give it a try if you can and join the Club stand for Friday 28th – Sunday 30th July. It is one of the best classic events on the International calendar and a very appropriate way for our big anniversary to be celebrated.

Steve Edmonds